High performance Dead weight tester BA2-1VB

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reference : BA2-1VB

Technical specifications

  • measuring : -15 to -900 mbar / -1.5 to -90KPa
  • uncertainly of the pressure measured by the dead weight : 0.00005 + (3.10-4 x P* ) (*with P in bar)
  • accuracy : 0.03% of the scale / option : certificate COFRAC or DKD
  • weight of the DWT without weights : 22 Kg
  • generator base : CA2-200B
  • typical piston section : 392.016mm²
  • piston/cylinder/pipe material : P = treated steel / C = stainless steel + chrome plating
  • number of pistons : 1


To be specified when ordering :
- Choice of the unit of the principal set of weights: Bar, PSI, KPa etc...
- Standard gravity (9.80665m/s²) or special gravity (indicate the desired value)

Options available :
- Intermediaite set of weights and/or additional principael set of weights for different units
- A calibration certificate COFRAC or DKD/DAkkS.
- Option OP0004 : Motorization (drive of rotating masses) / Visualization (piston position by indicator lights)
- Option OP0301 : Calculator module with dynamic visualization of the position of the piston, automatic display of the pressures generated by the dead weight according to the temperature, the atmospheric pressure and the hygrometry, with data transfer to a computer for total traceability and calibration certificate edition.
- Oxygen degreasing

additional informations  :

  • Delivery details : a manual are provided in English and French with the device + a factory calibration certificate traceable to the national standards + the data sheet
  • Maintenance : Our technical service department is at your disposition for the revision, calibration or service after sale of your unit – Calibration device recommended every 2 years depending on your use.

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