We find a solution together !

Our Design Office works regularly on the design products with customer specifications, but also to respond of the market evolution by developing our own products.

For example, here are some tailor-made solutions, made for our customers :

  • Burst test bench : our client wanted to test the resistance of parts and measure the bursting pressure. Customer specifications : the parts to be tested must be placed in a vat filled with water and the system must be without risk for the operator. We have therefore adapted one of our comparison bench and designed the connection system with the vat


  • Calibration station for 8 pressure gauges : our customer wanted to be able to calibrate 8 pressure gauges at the same time. Customer specifications : permanently connect 2 standard pressure gauges to the comparison bench and calibrate 8 pressure gauges at the same time. We therefore carried out a modification of the pipes, in order to integrate a support with a valve at the back of the bench to switch between the 2 reference pressure gauges and placed 2 cubes of 4 (Ref OP0303) on the outlet fittings.


  • A tailor-made protective cover : our customer wanted operator protection during high-pressure use. Customer specifications: protect the operator during high pressure work, by leaving access to the fine adjustment valve (ref OP0194). And be able to place a ramp of 2 (ref OP0304) with 2 pressure gauges of Ø150 at the same time. We have therefore designed a transparent protective cover, leaving access to the micro adjustment valve and allowing the calibration of the 2 Ø150 pressure gauges

We work with TOP SOLID software and have the ability to print and/or scan large drawing.

Our designers are at your disposal.