An expertise recognized since 35 years !

Founded on January 2, 1989, by 4 employees of a Vendôme metrology company, dismissed for economic reasons, AREMECA began its activity in premises rented by the Vendôme town hall. Its activity is precision mechanics mainly for tools or very precise complex parts.

Quickly, the company is led to develop by creating a design office to meet the needs of its customers. And to move to new premises (1100m²) located in the southern industrial zone because the premises at the start of the activity proved to be too narrow and non-functional for the precision mechanics activity.

At the beginning, the activity of our company was essentially mechanical subcontracting. Our staff is made up of highly experienced professionals whether on conventional machines or on numerical controls as well as in the design office. The workload depends 100% on the investment or maintenance needs of our customers.

In 1994 : The activity of our local customers (themselves suppliers to the automotive industry, aeronautics, etc.) has the disadvantage of being very variable and sometimes uncertain. The decision was then made to develop own products sold under our own brand. The choice is made for pressure metrology (one of the founders of the company having experience in this field since he was the head of the metrology laboratory of a large company manufacturing manometers).

It is therefore necessary to study, to create new ranges of test benches for pressure and to have them tested by national organizations to validate their performance and then to market them. The pressures were then 1000 bar.

In 2000 : The pressure metrology activity, in addition to the mechanical activity, requires a lot of effort from our company, which has self-financed the research and development of new products.
The search for distribution channels was resolved at the time by exclusive distribution with the company BOURDON. This solution has made it possible to make known and appreciate the design of our products at the international level.

This development of activity also makes it possible to develop the mechanical subcontracting activity since all the parts are manufactured in-house. New machines equip the workshop: wire EDM, machining center, CNC lathe but also production management software, stocks of raw materials and quality standards approval.

From 2008 to 2011 : The economic crisis upsets mechanical activity, significant drops in activity require the development of new markets. We are regaining our commercial independence in the field of metrology.

In 2012 : We want to develop our international distribution network, we are looking for new partners to set up new international distribution networks. In order to follow the market and meet the needs of our customers, we are developing new models of pressure balances integrating computers and increasing their performance (accuracy 5.10-5).

The subcontracting activity; main business activity; improves its performance in terms of quality and deadlines by equipping itself with fully digitized means of control (air-conditioned room, three-dimensional measuring machine) and by promoting dual competence. We are approaching new markets such as medium series parts in order to further diversify our clientele.

To date : our expertise is highly appreciated by our customers, whether in the pressure metrology activity or in the mechanical activity. We are continuing our efforts on investments, research and development in order to offer our customers new solutions that are ever more competitive and efficient.

The important stages of the pressure metrology activity :

  • 1989 : Creation of AREMECA
  • 1990 : Creation of the Design Office
  • 1992/1993 : New premises and establishment of the Pressure Calibration Instruments activity
  • 1995 : New range of dead weight testers (DWT) : Accuracy 10-4 (BH2 range) up to 1200 bar
  • 2000 : Research and development of the DWTrange: High pressure 4000 bar
  • 2002 : ISO 9001 certification
  • 2008 : Research and development of the DWT range: Mono-piston
  • 2010 : Research and development of the DWT range: high pressure from 5000 bar to 6000 bar
  • 2012 : Development of our international distribution network
  • 2014 : New range with calculator and precision 10-5 (BH4 range) and portable comparison bench CAA range
  • 2015 : Research and development of automatic pressure build-up on DWT
  • 2016 : Research and development of the DWT range: high pressure of 7000 bar
  • 2017/2018 : Research and development of the DWT range: Very high pressure of 10000 bar
  • 2018 : Renewal of our ISO9001 version 2015 certification
  • 2020 : Marketing of the DWT and the comparison bench 10000 bar
  • 2022 : Diagnostic pre-audit for the implementation of COFRAC accreditation for our pressure metrology laboratory