We calibrate your instruments up to 10000 bar !

A pressure measuring instrument can drift following intensive use, storage in poor conditions, pollution of the system, etc. This is why it is important to carry out a periodic calibration of your instrument.

This control is the only way to guarantee the reliability of the measurements of your device and therefore to validate your manufacturing processes, to eliminate the risks of non-conformity of the products manufactured, to perpetuate your equipment, to meet normative requirements, etc..

We can carry out in our calibration laboratory the periodic control of your dead weight tester, transmitter, and pressure gauges up to 10000 bar. At the end of the calibration, a control report (traceable to the national standards) will be sent to you.

The COFRAC accreditation process for our laboratory is in the process of being set up, we will keep you informed on the progress of this project.

We are at your disposal for the planning of the periodic calibrations of your instruments !