Presented on a stand and easy to transport, this suitcase of adaptors is essential.

The OP0037 suitcase is made up of 17 standard adaptors designed for a maximum pressure of 1200 bar. Our adaptors are interchangeable and fit on our comparison benches, hand pumps and dead weight testers.

You will be able to connect all your instruments quickly, without special tools, since our fittings are hand-tight. The sealing ring placed between the base and the fitting will ensure a perfect seal.

The adaptors contained in the suitcase are as follows:
- Cylindrical adaptors: M10 x 100; M12x150; M16x150; M18x150; M20x150; G1/8; G1/4; G3/8; G1/2
- Conical adaptors: 1/8 NPT; 1/4 NPT; 3/8 NPT; 1/2 NPT; 1/8 BSP-TR; 1/4 BSP-TR; 3/8 BSP-TR; 1/2 BSP-TR

The adaptors are stored on the support for better readability and accessibility.

In addition :
Reference OP0038 = Sealing ring + seals
Reference OP0038CEO = Standard seals for sealing ring
Reference OP0038J = Special seals (suitable for skydroll type corrosive products)

We also make adaptors suitable for high pressure (up to 10000 bar) and custom adaptors !