Upgrade your dead weight with our calculator

Our option OP0301 is compatible with all our dead weight testers range BH2 or BA2. It allows you to improve the functionalities of your dead weight, to gain traceability, to limit operator errors, to optimize the workstation, etc.

The option OP0301 is an calculator with several functions :

> Assists the operator
- The calculator assists the operator in the calibration process by taking into account the various criteria defined by the operator such as: the acceptable deviation, the number of measurement points desired, gravitation, the unit of measurement etc.
- It will inform the operator of the weights to be applied to generate the desired pressure at each measurement point
- The set of weights is motorized in order to improve the stability of the dead weight during measurements and to limit operator manipulations.
- The calculator indicates to the operator the stability of the dead weight with a dynamic visualization of the position of the piston.
- The screen display can be done in several languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish

> Ensures traceability of measurements
- The calculator will calculate the pressure generated by the dead weight at time T according to the different sensors: Temperature, Atmospheric pressure.
- It will record the results of each measurement and will indicate to the operator whether the result is considered "acceptable" or "deviating" from the criteria defined by the operator.
- The calculator allows complete traceability since all the calibration results will be recorded and then exported to an Excel-type spreadsheet for writing the calibration report.
- It allows to convert the results in different units like: PSI, kg/cm2 etc… using the same set of main weights in Bar.

> Preventive maintenance
- You can also check the leak time of your dead weight, update various information such as: value of the set of weights after COFRAC calibration, gravitation etc…

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